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The international travel agency was established in 2015. Ever since its creation, it has been highly customer-centric company with a distinguished quality of the service in both domestic and international tourism. The company has strong connections abroad, therefore they have the opportunity to make the most convenient and affordable offers to the customers.
The primary aim of the company is to fulfill all the wishes and demands of the customer. The tours are customer tailored for individual client. The prices of the tours vearies from affordable to exclusive, so they will fit every budget. “LEGEND TRAVEL” provides various kinds of tours, which includes: hiking and skiing, ethnographical and cultural, historical and pilgrimage tours.
To provide the best and affordable service for a customer, we established a good working and sometimes exclusive relationships with the world’s leading travel agencies.
Our staff is very friendly and highly experienced. Each member will go extra mile to make our customers experience as satisfying as possible.
Enchanted by this country, Georgia is one of the few places where one wants to stay forever. Beauty and greatness are countries never cease to amaze. With every visit to Georgia, I get to know her more and more, but despite this I can not fully understand her.
Аnna Volkova
Very satisfied! I did not expect this from Georgia, because I have not been there for a very long time. I advise everyone will not regret it.
Olga Orlova
I was in Georgia three times and believe me, I did not see half of what I have. This country is very interesting and cognitive with every visit I am convinced of this.
Maria Ivanova